Vibrant Violet Bolsius Rustic Shine Pillar Candle (100 x 100mm)

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Vibrant Violet Bolsius Rustic Shine Pillar Candle (100 x 100mm)

Make every moment a special one! The natural light of candles brings a unique warmth and ambience into your home and makes it cosy. Bolsius's rustic pillar candle coming in the purple tone Vibrant Violet boasts a full 10cm in height and burns for a good 30 hours. The mark of a quality candle is its long burning time and its ability to maintain its shape while burning. Bolsius's rustic candle doesn't smoke or drip and has a nice, rustic finish. Made with love for people and planet. With natural, vegan wax from Europe and zero palm oil. The cotton wick is weaved in such a way that your flame remains stable. In that way no black smoke, soot deposits or smoke arises whilst burning. 

• Longer burning time
• With natural vegan wax
• Without animal fat
• Without palm oil
• Given a real rustic finish
• Perfect flame for up to 30h
• Clean burning action

The colour of ripe blackcurrants forms the basis of Vibrant Violet. A bright and fresh purple hue that stands out and with which you'll bring cheerfulness and energy into your home. 

Product Specifications

Item Depth 10 cm
Item Height 10 cm
Item Width 10 cm